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Electromagnetic Diaphragm Pump Metering Pump

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Metering Pump

A metering pump designed for transporting low flow and low pressure liquid has the advantages of simple structure, easy control, low energy consumption, accurate metering and convenient adjustment.
Back pressure valve, pulse buffer, agitator, flowmeter,
level gauge, flow calibration tube, diaphragm pressure gauge, etc.
Reverse osmosis membrane group, FRP resin tank,
salt valve, central pipe, precision filter, PE salt box
The motor drives the worm gear and worm pair to make variable speed motion through direct drive. Under the action of crank and connecting rod mechanism, the rotary motion is transformed into reciprocating linear motion.
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The company adheres to the principle of making the world's customer care enjoy the best quality products at the lowest cost, and strives to continue to develop in the direction of simplicity, beauty and durability.
What are we doing?

Main products include: electromagnetic diaphragm pump metering pump, mechanical diaphragm metering pump and metering pump accessories, water treatment accessories, etc.
Who are we?

A scientific and technological professional enterprise focusing on technology development of environmental protection industry has provided technology development and other related services for many global industrial manufacturing enterprises for many years.
   Years Focus On Technology
Development Of Environmental
Protection Industry

Kenichi Higashiyama, founder of Azuma Tsusho Co., Ltd., is a high-tech environmental protection enterprise wholly owned by Dr. Kenichi Higashiyama in China.

The founder, Dr. Kenichi Toyama, graduated from Shinto University, Japan, majoring in environmental science. He worked in the R&D Department of Asahi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. and was an outstanding expert in the field of environmental protection.

Convergence of high-quality machinery and equipment technology
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